What makes us different

What makes us different

At Banque de Patrimoines Privés we understand that the significance and focus of private banking may be different for each individual. So, in order to cater to each of our customers on a personal basis, we provide a specialised, independent private banking service that uses multiple booking centres, is international and flexible and has a small customer base.


Banque de Patrimoines Privés offers global solutions via open architecture platforms. We present our customers with the best alternatives, whether our own or those of third parties, that are available on the market.


We have specialists in financial markets, corporate operations, wealth planning, etc., that contribute their knowledge and experience, and make a vital contribution by implementing global wealth strategies.

Personalised service

Through the Crèdit Andorrà Group, we offer products and services based on the needs of each customer. Each banking team manages between 20 and 25 customers.


The international platform of Crèdit Andorrà Group enables us to offer a wide range of investment options.

Our investment teams include experts in different jurisdictions to offer boutique services in any part of the world.

Multiple booking

So that we can offer our customers a tailor-made service, we provide the option of locating their investments in different banking centres, depending on what is most convenient for them.

Our management model

At Banque de Patrimoines Privés, we listen to our customers, we understand their requests and consider their individual profiles. We evaluate the risks they are prepared to take when making financial decisions and the returns they seek before applying our model to design individual solutions for each client.