Financial investments

Financial investments

At Banque de Patrimoines Privés we manage our customers' investments with the aim of achieving returns in line with requirements, expectations and, most importantly, in line with our customers' risk profiles.

Portfolio management

We design portfolio management for customers who are looking for solutions. 

Our investment philosophy is based on choosing sustainable businesses that are well managed, that have a high probability of being profitable, and that are being offered at a discount against their real value. In this way, we offer high growth potential, with investors able to achieve attractive returns over the medium and long term whilst avoiding speculative investments.

Fixed income securities

If you wish to access the market, Banque de Patrimoines Privés puts its fixed income platform at your disposal. We recommend you work with our evaluation team, which can provide you with access to primary and secondary markets while adhering to criteria of transparency at all times.

Equity investments

With regard to equity investments, we offer a comprehensive service to our customers that ranges from a fundamental analysis and evaluation of companies, to personalised portfolio management. Our aim is to accompany you throughout the entire investment process.

Company valuations
A network used by large investors
Ad hoc sector analysis
Personalised portfolio management
Advice on strategic position in listed companies
Block trades
Fundamental analysis
Structured products

A combination that takes into consideration all the variables that have an impact on their composition, taking into consideration the risk-return criteria of each customer. Structured products allow you to diversify, activate and filter risk, thus providing you with tailor-made investments and a tax-efficient investment vehicle.


In-house investment funds and third-party funds

Via our open-architecture structure and platform, we make it easy for our customers to have access to a wide range of funds. Investors can choose between different geographical areas, asset types and fund management styles.